1 Free vs. Paid

free, paid, or hybrid

Choose free or paid WiFi, or even a hybrid of the two. Set your own pricing and roaming options. Our data helps you make the right choice. And if you change your mind, you can switch modes and pricing any time.

  • Demographics
  • Competitive market
  • Existing average ticket
connections data
  • Connections per month
  • Anticipated outcomes
  • Revenue per connection

2 Branding

branded homepage

When users first connect to your network they will see your welcome screen in place of their typical home page. The content of the welcome page is managed by you, via a simple web-based control panel. It is also customizable based on location, time, or even individual user.

branded homepage options

The welcome screen, seen by all WiFi users, is a valuable opportunity to communicate with your customers. Instead of allowing a third party to use this screen to advertise their own brand and services, we grant you direct control to ensure that the WiFi offering promotes your identity in the fashion most valuable to you.

Our clients use their welcome screens to promote their web sites, Facebook pages, email newsletters, gift certificates, and more.

3 Security

user + internet
  • no spam Spam emails
  • no excessive downloadingExcessive downloading
  • no slow connectionsNo slow connections
  • no virusesVirus attacks

We monitor the types and volumes of transmitted data to ensure that drive-by-spammers cannot take advantage of your network to send bulk unsolicited email. This and other malicious activity, such as excessive downloading, and unreasonably long connection times, are prevented and the infringing users banned from your network.

guestBOX prevents the spread of viruses amongst your users by individually firewalling their connections, so network worms and other malevolent code cannot proliferate between users. Additional security controls, such as access time restrictions, content filtering, and user variances are easily configurable on the platform.

4 Support

answered in concord, ma
call for support

We provide free technical support to help your customers through any issues they may have. We answer the phones ourselves, from our Concord, MA headquarters. This relieves any training and technical burden from your local staff. Customized table tents with simple connection instructions and the support number can be provided, branded with your logo as requested. If you choose a paid network, we can handle all online payments in a secure fashion and provide customers with an interface for managing their accounts.

5 Extras

installation, statistics, and control



There are a variety of ways to install guestBOX hotspots. Our technicians can perform the entire installation on-site, or we can deliver to you the appropriate hardware, preconfigured to work with your network settings.



Online access statistics will report connection, revenue, and transmission data, broken down by time, location, and other criteria. Custom reports can be exported into Excel or other applications for further analysis.



Our hardware is configured to send and receive data with our network operation center, enabling real-time modification of any remote wireless network without being onsite, through a web-based control-panel.

* Contact

If you'd like to learn more, or schedule an online demonstration, please contact us. guestBOX has been on top of WiFi since its inception, we would be happy to speak with you about wireless possibilities for your locations and answer any of your questions.